As seen on suicide squad Rick Flag super cool T.

    you can have it for your cosplay!

    the sign the rabbit is holding says: “Obstáculos son Oportunidades

    translates to: Obstacles Are Opportunities

    Cosplay, Prop, replica,

    PLEASE NOTE as of July 17, we changed the graphic to reflect the latest details from the trailer.

    what changed?

    – boots

    – UB/VB logo on bunny’s shirt

    – Overall colors adjustment

    – Minor details to be the most accurate. (For the Fans out there)

    Many are asking what color T is Rick wearing… it looks different in each trailer. we gave you a few options and also budget tees to choose from.


    [We are aware there are many copies of our design and our images. we do not associate with any of them and are not responsible for any purchase out of our website.]

  • Flying Super Bunny – Supper Rabbit T-Shirt $18.96$28.00

    Made by a fan for fans.

    our favorite super bunny from Suicide Squad re-appears on the Peacemaker Episode 2.

    We hope you got a glimpse at Evan Calcaterra T-Shirt.

    MIght be your Rick Flag alternative t-Shirt



    Copycats are…

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