• Aliens USS SULACO Crew Mug – Customized Mug. $20.95$22.95

    ALIEN & ALIENS fan Mug
    The best way to start your morning coffee. and as a bonus, you can customize and add your name to the crew. if you have the guts to visit LV-426 ;-)
    Ideal as a gift for a true fan of aliens while you can add her/his name to the crew.

    we made it to the finest details from the SULACO screen monitor during the team wake up from hypersleep.
    the font is custom-made to be exactly the same as the monitor font. (font is not for sale)

    the mug also has the Weyland Yutani logo on the right side.

    Few customers asked about HUDSON, and we can add him to the Crew(if you ask nicely  😉  ). However, HUDSON wasn’t listed on the SULACO monitor. (we watched it frame by frame)

    Whether you’re drinking your morning coffee, evening tea, or something in between – this mug’s for you! It’s sturdy and glossy with a vivid print that’ll withstand the microwave and dishwasher.


    Please enter your name as you like it to be displayed.

    We’ll take care of the spacing and the dots

  • Customized Elvish Mug $19.98$22.95

    Inspired by the Lord of the Rings Elvish language.
    The perfect gift for Lord of the Rings & Hobbit fans.

    We are using the “Tengwar” & “Tengwar Annatar” scripts. which is the source for most languages of Middle-earth. however, this is not the “black speech” as the ring script made by Sauron.
    if you like to have a different source for reference please let us know.

    – Print is on both sides of the mug
    – We are using one of many translators with our vector base image. please let us know if you like to refer to other formats.
    – we applied a golden-style texture to the lettering to mimic the gold letter effect.

  • Personalize SKYRIM Mug $18.48$21.28

    Customize your mug with your name with the language of the Dragons, Dragonish. (Dovahkiin)


    Please add your personalized name or word.

    ** leave us a note if you like to view the design before it goes to print.

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